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Free throw shooting has a huge impact on the outcome of games. In studying the difference between won and lost games, it becomes clear that the successful performance of free throws is extremely significant and 90% of the time is the difference between a "L" and a "W."  


In addition, the physical act of a free throw has far more to do with the mental training of the act than the physical ability to perform the shot. Validated by comparing the free throw averages of high school teams with professional teams.  The percentages are virtually the same.


Therefore, the importance of training your brain to focus, block out all stimuli and strengthening the muscle memory of the physical act, can result in amazing performance. 

This visualization walks you through the mental training that can sharpen your focus, strengthen your muscle memory and confidence, that translates to excellent performance.

Suggested use:

  • Listen to consistently just before practicing free throws.

  • Listen to at bedtime as often as needed to resurrect your performance. 



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