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A certain amount of tension/excitement is important to perform athletically, however, it often  rises above a level that allows you to perform at your potential. When excitement and tension turns into heightened anxiety, training your brain to manage the anxiety, transforming it into confidence has extreme benefits.

The benefits of training your brain to turn your anxiety into confidence can influence pre-game anxiety performance as well as within game performance, becoming a useful tool in resurrecting a struggling game or performance.

This visualization targets general anxiety and strengthens confidence. It is most effective if used consistently within your training routine.

Suggested use:

  • Listen to at bedtime every night.  If you fall asleep, that is as effective, because your brain absorbs the audio input as you sleep.

  • Listen to before practice and games consistently.


NOTE: Results vary depending on a number of variables, personality type, previous experience with visualization, motivation level, time of and repetition of use.

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