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Research strongly supports the powerful impact of use of visualization/imagery on the body in general and athletic performance in particular. 

These visualizations/guided imageries were designed from research and have been proven to have  positive results  when used consistently.

The significant improvement combined with a strong  demand for more mental training of this kind has led to the development of these visualizations/guided imageries. In addition to the full length audio guided imageries, we are offering "Pills" which are custom designed, audio and visual one minute doses of mental training, that focus on particular areas of individual needs.


"The Wizard"

Mental Training Specialist 

"I have conducted extensive research on the impact of mental training on athletic performance. Not only do research results reflect the efficacy of using visualization techniques, but the athlete's themselves attest to the impact they've experienced when integrating mental training into their daily training routine. I design full length audio guided imageries for basketball players as well as customized audio and visual "Pills" that when combined with the full length imageries, provide a full set of mental training tools for the athlete movtivated to perform at their full potential."

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